UV print on any surface

Ultraviolet printing is a modern technological way of applying the image to almost any surface after preliminary processing – cleaning and degreasing with a primer. Ink polymerizes under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, forming a film resistant to external influences on the printed surface.
Technology advantages:
• durability: UV-ink is water and grease resistant, resistant to abrasion and chemicals;
• ease to use: ultraviolet ink polymerizes instantly, which reduces the risk of smearing the image and increases the speed of production;
• environmental friendliness: products with UV coating can be used in the interior.
Areas of use:
• furniture decoration;
• glass and mirrors decoration;
• printing on wallpaper and canvas;
• printing on tile;
• printing on plastic and sticker;
• porcelain tile, marble, ventilated facades;
• printing on advertising souvenir products.


glass and
mirrors decoration

on tile

printing on

printing on plastic
and sticker