Mirror light ceilings

Mirrored light ceilings are a separate segment in the decoration of rooms nowadays. It is made of mirror acrylic, which has shock resistance, it cannot be broken into fragments. The material is resistant to moisture and temperature extremes, so it can be used to decorate the interior of the kitchen or bathroom. Acrylic is easy to cut, including along the contour, the mirror ceiling can have any configuration.

On the ceiling, you can place not only a solid mirror panel, but also a complex composition consisting of individual elements of any geometric shape. The mirror surface transmits a fairly clear image, does not distort colors, glistens and pleases the eye with a pleasant gloss. Caring for mirror acrylic is straightforward. You can wipe dust off the surface with a soft cloth with a small amount of special detergent. The inclusion of light elements adds even more personality and creativity.