Light ceilings

Backlit acrylic light ceilings are a great alternative to bored gypsum plasterboard ceilings, slatted and stretch. They are not only beautiful and comfortable, but they are a full-fledged light source, due to the built-in LED backlight. Our ceilings also make it possible to provide access to subceiling engineering systems, such as, for example, ducted air conditioning, due to removable sections, for repeated maintenance and washing of the filter.

Backlit acrylic ceilings are exclusive premium ceilings. They are high quality products made of quality materials and having their own “face”.

We design and manufacture each product individually in our own production, taking into account your wishes and technical features of the room. We are not tied to any standard sizes, such as in the Armstrong system, and we manufacture our acrylic ceilings with a unique and unusual design.

Light ceilings made at our production provide maximum airiness and lightness to the ceiling space of the room due to the thinnest frame, and a translucent surface from plexiglass.

3D light ceilings
and panels

Mirror light

Light ceilings with
a classic pattern

Light ceilings with
photo printing

light ceilings